For those looking to add a new main style page, please think through these things first:

  1. Does the main fashion this substyle is based on have a page here? If not, please add the main page before adding the substyle. If yes, see two.
  2. Is there already a page for this fashion? If so, no new page is needed. Please edit the already existing one. If no, see question two.
  3. Are there more than 3 pictures of this style that you can find? If not, do not make the page, if so, see three.
  4. Are there more than 1-2 sources discussing this style? If not, please don't make the page. If so, go ahead and copy the following template!

NOTE: Substyle pages should be kept shorter. Please do not rewrite the main style page on each substyle. Only add what is different about the substyle from the main fashion.


Replace this section and header by entering an info box. Click insert, infobox, SUBSTYLES template. Make sure to fill out years active to the best of your ability, and what it is a substyle of.


Give a brief description and intro on the style. What are the basics of the style? What does it look like? What makes it unique from its main style?

Gallery Edit

Give at least 3 images.

External Links Edit

  • List sources discussing the substyle if they exist.

NOTE: After finishing a page, make sure to add tags if it is an active or inactive style and the tag substyle. No other categories should be added.

Style names should also be added and linked on the substyle page, as well as styles a-z.

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