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Shibuya (渋谷) is one of the 23 wards in Tokyo. It houses both Shinjuku and Shibuya stations, as well as the famous Shibuya 109.

History Edit

Shibuya has become a staple of fashion neighborhoods in Japan. The famous shopping district is home to Shibuya 109, a 10-floor department store catering to all lovers of fashion. [1] The building was founded in 1979 by the Tokyu Company. It was designed architect Minoru Takeyama to be not just a department store, but a "fashion community." [2]

Shibuya was once home to the boom of Gyaru fashion. Other avant-guard fashions were popular from time to time in the area as well. However, nowadays, the area sees more mainstream fashion and trends based fashion than anything else. [3] However, a number of various fashion styles have shops in the building, like Swankiss (a Lolita brand). [4]

Shibuya Today Edit

Currently, the Shibuya area is under major development that won't be finished until 2027. [5] The building is also temporarily closed do the COVID-19 crisis. [5]

External Links Edit

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