Salon Kei is a term given to a trendy new style started by men working in the hair and beauty industry in Japan. The style is purposeful and focused on modern and new trends, and was created solely for men.


Salon-kei was started by men attending beauty school in Japan, hence the name "Salon" describing those who started and most actively wear the style. [1] The phenomenon was mostly started in hair salons of Tokyo's upscale neighborhoods like Omotesando or Daikanyama. [2]

Style BasicsEdit

Salon Kei was created to be everyday wear for those working and on the go. As such, it is a broad style with few specifics. Overall, the style reflects a fashionable state of mind than specific rules and guidelines. It is more of a fashionable trend in that respect than a style. [3]


Salon kei style gears towards the feminine side of fashion, and is characterized by mixing low and high fashion brands, as well as second -and clothing finds, to create a unique and fashionable look. For instance, one might wear both a Dior jacket with a Uniqlo t-shirt in the same outfit.

A few common things seen in Salon kei is detailed layering, especially of shirts and cardigans, as well as a focus on both beauty and quality in garments. Vintage pieces are very popular in this style, as are designer pieces or luxury items.  Skinny jeans are a common choice for specific clothing styles, as well as nice t-shirts, cardigans, suit style jackets, and sometimes flannels.


Salon Kei has many choices for accessories. Bags are popular, especially larger tote bags, hats and beanies, scarves, especially traditionally "feminine" scarves, belts, and sunglasses. Vintage accessories are used often as well, and leather designer shoes are popular.

Hairstyles and MakeupEdit

As the style was started by those working in salons, it is not surprising that most who wear the style take pride in having fashionable hairstyles to match their outfits. Generally, more natural tones are popular, but all lengths and cuts can be seen. Makeup is also occasionally seen in Salon Kei, but it is very minimal, such as eyeliner and foundation, and is meant to look natural. 

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