Rokku gyaru is a substyle of gyaru that blends traditional gyaru styles with elements of rock, as well as visual kei.

Style[edit | edit source]

Rokku gyaru style maintains the traditional gyaru silohette, but adds different elements that make it unique.

For instance, darker colors are exclusively used in this style, with blacks, red, and greys being the most common. Leather and gothic imagery, like skulls, crosses, and chokers, are also used.

Pale skin, not tans, are popular in this style, as well as bleached blonde hair. Makeup is also dark and dramatic, and tattoos and peircings are common.

The style is also sometimes inspired by visual kei, with visual kei hairstyles and makeup styles being common.

Rokku gyaru is still an active style, and has changed very little from its original creation.[1]

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