Oshare kei is the opposite side of visual kei with bright colors and many pop impressions. [1]

The Name[edit | edit source]

The name oshare kei (おしゃれ系) translates to "fashionable-style" and describes band that places a high priority to dressing up in colorful costumes, or in decora or pop kei style. [2]

Style[edit | edit source]

Oshare kei is identical in almost every way to regular visual kei styles, save for a few key features. [2]

Firstly, all oshare kei outfits are composed of bright color palettes, with bright pinks, blues, green, and yellows being especially popular. Although darker colors, like black, may also be used sparingly.

Additionally, oshare kei clothing may also often contain many different patterns, often "clashing". The use of multiple patterns in bright colors is almost always used in oshare kei.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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