Mori Lolita is a substyle of both Lolita and Mori Girl, that seeks to blend the two styles. It shares many similarities with Natural Lolita, the Japanese interpretation of a combination of the two styles. However, western interpretations pulled more heavily from mori kei themes than natural lolita fashion.

Style Basics[edit | edit source]

Mori Lolita is a primarily Lolita-based substyle, and as such, follows many of the traditional Lolita rules on silhouette, skirt length, and so forth.

The mori elements of Mori Lolita are minimal, and focused on some additional layering, usually in the form of ruffled skirts or scarves, as well as a heavier use of natural imagery in prints, such as deer, natural materials, and lace.

Generally, the style resembles country lolita, and can be hard to distinguish. Mori lolita was also a shorter-lived fad primarily experimented with internationally, so it was never truly fleshed out and was quickly absorbed into other styles.[1][2]

Brands[edit | edit source]

Mori lolita was recognized by name by the Korean lolita brand Haenuli. [3]

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