Mori Boy is a substyle of mori girl, and is also sometimes considered inseparable from the style.

The Name[edit | edit source]

Mori boy, as the name implies, adds a more masculine twist to the mori style. It began as a substyle of natural men's fashion in Harajuku, around the same time as mori rose in popularity. Although it never became a large style it has gradually been absorbed into the main mori kei fashion style and is now considered a standard part of the style by the current community.  

The Fashion[edit | edit source]

The style continues the themes of mori kei in its natural color schemes, focus on natural fabrics, layers, and natural themes. The style focuses on pants and uses less feminine fabrics like lace. Sweaters, baggy pants, and leather shoes. It also features more darker colors schemes than mori kei, and less light flowing layers. It resembles more of a hipster style, or a lumberjack style, than the traditional style of mori kei.

Although mori boy is well known in the mori community, it has always been a small substyle within Japan and the international community. Presently, it is practically nonexistent as a style, making it an inactive substyle. [1][2][3]

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