Kuro Gyaru is a substyle of Gyaru primarily worn by the group Black Diamond.

The Fashion[edit | edit source]

Kuro Gyaru, meaning "black-skinned girls," is a substyle of Gyaru focusing on dark or tanned skin. It is considered to have come from Ganguro style, and become one of the most prominent styles of gyaru due to groups like Black Diamond.

According to Black Diamond's leader, the goal is to "conquer the world" by spreading kuro gyaru fashion to everyone, everywhere. At its height, the Black Diamond group had over 150 members, with many members from countries outside Japan. Nowadays, with the decline of gyaru as a whole, Black Diamond has also seen a decrease in popularity and membership. Part of this may be due to the extreme upkeep needed to maintain the style, such as the need to tan almost daily.

The style is similar to mainstream gyaru fashion, but a few unique features set the style apart.

Firstly, the focus on dark skin is the most obvious difference. However, kuro gyaru also often includes unnaturally dyed hair in big, teased styles, as well as a focus on fuzzy legwarmers and leopard prints.[1][2]

Brands[edit | edit source]

  • DIA

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