Kogal is a school-girl focused substyle of Gyaru.

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Kogal fashion revolves around school uniforms. Any type of uniform will do, although most kogal uniforms tend to revolve around checkered skirts, sweaters, and bows around the neck.

Kogal includes some aspects that add a gyaru twist to a school uniform, such as short hemlines on skirts, and bunched up tube socks or legwarmers.

The style is known for its dyed hair colors, and older variations of the fashion included tanned skin. However, as tanning fell out of popularity with the gyaru community, it became less and less common in kogal as well.

At the beginning of its creation, kogal had a bad reputation, known for being the fashion of delinquents. However, in modern times the style has gained more widespread popularity. It is now well-liked and well known in Japan and abroad as a kawaii fashion.

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