Jirai Kei is a new emerging fashion style in Japan, created recently in 2020. The style features mainstream fashion trends, but with a small, slightly rebellious, but still cute, twist. It is similar to, and pulls heavily from, previously existing Dark Girly fashion.

The Name[edit | edit source]

Jirai Kei (地雷系/じらいけい) translates to "landmine-type" and is derived from "jirai onna" which is a degoratory term that refers to a type of a woman that has a high tendency to have violent emotional breakdowns. [1] Due to a makeup challenge by Japanese YouTuber SuReRo , which was about emulating the particular stereotype, it has been associated with various darker girly styles. [2]

As the word is derogatory, some protest its use as a name for a fashion style as not taking the word seriously. However, the term has still seen use in Japanese sources despite its negative connotation.[3]

The Fashion[edit | edit source]

Jirai kei is described as mainstream fashion with a twist, and relies on the use of small common themes.[4]

Clothes[edit | edit source]

The key aspects of Jirai kei are black, white, and pink colors. No beiges or browns are used, although sometimes blues, greys, or purples are also used.[2] Common clothing choices include mini skirts, black frilly dresses, and oversized-sweatshirt dresses.[5] Off the shoulder dresses and blouses are also popular.

Hair and Makeup[edit | edit source]

Jirai kei makeup is mainly focused on "doll" makeup, such as droopy eyes and sick-cute makeup, dolly contacts, and darker red or pink lips. [2] The makeup style used is meant to appeal to the wearer instead of those looking. [5]

For hairstyles, twin-tails, bangs, and black hair are most common. [5] Cute nail art is also sometimes seen, especially incorporating Sanrio themes. [1]

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Common accessories in Jirai kei include an MCM backpack in pink, and Sanrio accessories such as large hair clips, most often featuring Kuromi. Some have also been seen posing with pink monster energy drinks.[4] They are also seen drinking various types of alcohol, like "Strong Zero" with a straw, presumably to not disturb their makeup.[3]

Attitude[edit | edit source]

On top of its unique style, Jirai kei also has a unique attitude of wanting to be in charge, or pushing to be seen and recognized. [5] This slightly rebellious attitude is often seen in those who wear the style.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Jirai kei is still a new style, but it has recently been gaining in popularity. For example, the photo app SNOW has a filter named after the style. It has also seen a rise in popularity amongst youtubers who create makeup tutorials, as well as on Instagram. [5] Recently, the style has also been worn by popular Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka, and she describes it as cute with a gothic edge, [1]

Although the style hasn't gained much traction overseas, it has been mentioned a bit in various English media.[1][6]

Brands[edit | edit source]

  • Jamie NK
  • Ank Rouge
  • Lafary Shop

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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