Hime Gyaru is a princess substyle of gyaru.

The Style Edit

Hime gyaru is as its name, "hime" meaning "princess," implies. The styles has a romantic focus, incorporating many girly aspects into its style.

Common color schemes in hime gyaru include pinks, whites, and creams. Motifs such as roses, lace, and hearts are also very popular.

Big hair and decorative nails are very popular in hime gyaru. Large hair bows, tutus, and babydoll style dresses are also popular.

Himekaji Edit

Himekaji is a casual version of hime gyaru. The style incorporates the light color schemes and motifs of gyaru However, it focuses more on the traditional silhouette of gyaru, with much less lace and layers, and more simpler pieces.

A similar style to Himekaji, Roma Gyaru, also exists as a casual version of the style.


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