Gothic lolita is a darker, more gothic substyle of lolita fashion.

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Gothic lolita is a darker version of lolita fashion, both in color scheme and themes. It can fall into the classic substyle of lolita, with more mature and historical themed coordinates, or can be more similar to sweet coordinates featuring lots of prints and ruffles.

All gothic lolita outfits function in dark color schemes. The most common color is of course black, with dark reds, purples, and occassionaly white, used as accents.

Some gothic outfits may also add "gothic" or "creepy" themes, such as bat wings or spider webs. However, this is not commonly seen across the entire substyle.

Generally, gothic coordinates tend to be slightly more elegant or class. However, they are often indistinguishable from mainstream lolita outfits save for the darker color schemes.

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