Goshikku gyaru is a substyle of gyaru with a goth twist. It is often confused with rokku gyaru.

The StyleEdit

Goshikku fashion is composed of black and grey tones and is somewhat of a more understated version rokku.

Similar to rokku, goshikku incorporates studs, leather, fishnets, and other gothic themes. Goth t-shirts are also popular. as well as dark-colored makeup. Ripped shirts and skirts, as well as other articles of clothing,

Hair colors in goshikku tend to be natural shades, with blondes and blacks being the most common.

Goshikku incorporates more layering than typical gyaru coordinates but still follows the typical gyaru silhouette.

Goshikku style is still considered an active style, but it has always had a small presence. However, it never grew as popular as rokku gyaru fashion.


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