Futago is the Japanese art of "twinning" or wearing matching, or coordinating, outfits.


Futago (双子) means "twins" in Japanese, and describes the act of having matching, or "twin" outfits. [1]

Style BasicsEdit

Futago fashion has no particular rules. Instead, you can create a futago coordinate featuring any style or fashion type you'd like. The matching element is the most important part here!

The most common pairs to match are friends, but sisters, mothers and daughters, and other pairs have also been seen creating futago outfits together. [2]

There are a few different types of futago that are distinct from each other.

Identical Edit

In this type of futago, outfits are purposefully kept completely the same. From head to toe, brands and clothing items alike will be identical, with only varying accessories. This type of futago is less common. [3]

Complimentary Edit

This type of futago features closely matching items, but often in different color schemes that complement one another. Accessories and clothing type may also vary, such as different complimenting blouses from different brands, but each outfit will also fit with the other person's despite their differences. [4]

Brands & ShopsEdit

No brands are associated with futago, as it can be done with any style.


External LinksEdit

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