Rules Edit

Editing rules on this wiki are simple!

  • Please keep information to confirmed things, and link your sources with intext citations (substyle pages do not need in text citations besides major changes)
  • Use professional language (no cursing, rude language, or slang in articles).
  • Be respectful of other editors and commenters. The admin reserves the right to delete comments that violate these rules.
  • Don't make major edits without asking the admin first.
  • If you link an article in a foreign language used for citations on major details, please give a brief translation in the comments, on the admins page, or in the editing notes about what the article said

Violating these rules will not mean an automatic ban, but I might need to talk to you. Continued violations may result in a temporary ban. 

Automatic Bans Edit

Things that will result in an automatic, irreversible ban:

  • Trolling edits (ie. the person who randomly put "You're Gay" on a page, or the person who put "sdfhsjdfhdos" on a page).
  • Huge amounts of blatantly incorrect information, or misleading information
  • Deleting entire pages or sections of pages for no apparent reasons, without informing the admin
  • Bullying other editors or visitors to the wiki.
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