Rules[edit | edit source]

Editing rules on this wiki are simple!

  1. Please keep information to confirmed info, and link your sources with intext citations. We use MLA basic citations for the reference list, and use the reference tool for in text citations. Citations do not have to be perfect, but try to follow the MLA format. Also, make sure to include sources that discuss what you want to talk about/change. Sources should directly support your claims clearly.
  2. Use professional language at all times (no cursing, rude language, or slang in articles).
  3. Don't make major edits without asking permission first, this includes but is not limited to: massive rewrites to a page that contradict current information, massive deletion of content on a page for no clear reason, massive addition of unconfirmed information, redesigning of a page's format or images.
  4. If you link an article in a foreign language used for citations on major details, please give a brief translation in the comments, on an admin's page, or in the editing notes about what the article said. This is only necessary for information that contradicts something already on the page, and not for sources that simply confirm already existing information in a new language.
  5. Be respectful of other editors and commenters. The admins reserve the right to delete comments that violate these rules.

On Page Creation and History[edit | edit source]

Things to keep in mind about this wiki and its mission:

  • When creating a page, please use the English name for the style (translated or English term). This is because the wiki is in English, and most accessible to those who will already know and use the English terms. If the English term is only used by the International community, you should also leave a note on the page about the correct Japanese name for the style.
  • Please do not write large amounts of text in foreign languages. Translated information is fine, but this wiki is in English so all information should be added in the same language.
  • Japanese and International history of fashion styles are encouraged. As International communities tend to create new versions of styles, or misunderstand them, occasionally these will look very different. In these cases, this wiki exists to document both equally with no preference to either side. This also applies to Japanese "trends" which, while they may not be full fledged styles, are still welcome to be documented on this wiki.
    • If a style completely changes internationally, please give it a new page (ex. Otome (Western) vs. Otome (Classic).) In all other cases, information can be placed under a new header on the same page to reflect the changes made internationally.
    • Additionally, please do not remove information that relates to one side of the expression of the style if there is evidence the other interpretation is also widely used and accepted (ex. Otome (Western).)
    • For trends, please make a separate page only if there is enough unique info about the style. If it can be shortened into a short paragraph or a few sentences, please add it to the Terms page.

Temporary and Permanent Bans[edit | edit source]

Temporary Bans[edit | edit source]

Violating these rules will not mean an automatic ban, but I will merit a discussion with the admins. Continued violations after being discussed with an admin, or hostile behavior to admins, may result in a temporary ban. of up to one week, but no more.  

Continued bannable behavior will result in temporary bans twice. After two times of being temporarily banned, the ban will be permanent. 

Permanent Bans[edit | edit source]

Things that will result in an automatic, irreversible ban:

  • Trolling edits.
  • Huge amounts of blatantly incorrect information, or misleading information.
  • Deleting entire pages or sections of pages for no apparent reasons, without informing the admin.
  • Bullying other editors or visitors to the wiki, as well as harassment, discrimination, or derogatory language of any kind.
  • Sharing or linking to NSFW content.
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