Decora lolita is a substyle of both lolita and decora, and serves to combine aspects of both into one style.

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Decora lolita was most popular towards the beginning of decora's popularity, with many lolita's, especially western lolita's, combining the style to create a new and cute look. It has fallen in popularity in recent years with the decline of popularity for decora, and the return to more traditional established styles within lolita, but it is occasionally still seen.

Decora lolita style combines cuter, more "kawaii," versions of lolita, such as classic lolita and sweet lolita, with the many accessories of decora. The most popular way to do so is incorporating many hairclips, lots of bracelets, necklaces, bags covered in charms, and leg warmers or extra socks on top of tights.

Generally, decora lolita coordinates are pastel based, however some may have more classic lolita color schemes, such as pinks and reds.[1]

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