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Improvements[edit | edit source]

Here you can find things that need improving on this wiki.

  • More photo examples are always welcome!
  • Some sub styles may be listed as the same as other sub styles (or incorrect “aka” names). If you find one of these please correct and create a new page for the style if possible.
  • More insider information would be appreciated on styles.
  • Page discussing the disconnect between Japanese and international j-fashion circles (especially in naming conventions)
  • Major brand pages?
  • Major Magazine pages?
  • CItations to other wikia's should be replaced with more reputable sources where possible
  • Japanese sources should be added to all pages if not already present
  • Words microstyle and substyle need to be properly vetted and placed (ex. lolita microstyles)
  • Proper citations need to be added to the Harajuku page
  • Adding navbars to each page for a-z navigation
  • Is a style or trend missing? Please add it!
  • Some styles may have incorrect foreign community made names, or no Japanese names, which need to be cited and added.

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

Styles that exist in name, but have incomplete or missing pages. These pages are still under research, and may be deleted or amended at any time.

  • Boyish
  • Uchuu Kei?
  • Add Girly substyles/names to appropriate pages:
  • Girly
  • Bohemian Gyaru needs confirmation on if it was ever named in Japan, or is solely a international term for the trend that popped up in various magazines of bohemian style blended with gyaru
  • Various substyles including Lolita and Gyaru need to be reviewed and marked with both Japanese and English names, or marked as international only or Japanese only naming conventions

We may be missing some lolita substyles or microstyles as well. There are too many to say for sure. As well as other sub styles of various fashions. If you know of any please add them.

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