Cult Party Kei was a fairly recent style from Japan, coming out of Harajuku in the mid-2010s. [1] The style was well known for its focus on religious imagery, pastel colors, and cute themes. [2] It is now considered an inactive fashion due to its extreme drop in popularity, although there are still some active participants in the style remaining. [3]

Cult Party Kei is often confused with Mori Girl and Dolly Kei.

The Name Edit

The name Cult Party Kei was coined by the brand Virgin Mary, formally known as Cult Party, and was created to be a style encompassing the brand's personal aesthetic. [4]

Style BasicsEdit

Cult Party Kei is not a style with many strict rules and regulations. However, the style does have many common themes that most, if not all, outfits encompass. [5]

Colors Edit

Some common themes are pastel colors in all shades, as well as large amounts of white. Bright red is also a popular color, especially in accessories and small details, however, some coordinates are based around the color. But not all outfits are pastel! Brighter colors can also be used as well. Dark Cult Party, however, rejects the pastel colors and instead focuses on mainly blacks and dark blues.

Materials Edit

There are many types of materials and fabrics that are popular, such as lace, gingham, and sheer fabrics. Peignoirs and other types of nightwear are popular items, as well as other floaty pieces and lingerie, although it is not used in a sexy way. Layering is essential to the style's silhouette, as well as lots and lots of small details, such as embroidery, pom-poms, tassels, DIY aspects, patchwork, and different forms of texture.

Pop Culture Edit

Pop culture and vintage aspects are popular in Cult Party coords. Specifically, 80s and 90s characters like Sanrio and sailor moon, as well as anime characters, are widely used.

Hairstyles Edit

There are no hairstyles requirements for Cult Party. However, the messy look is common, so messy twin-tails, buns, and curls are commonly seen. Fringes, or bangs, are also popular. For hair colors, natural hair is fine, but pastel colors are also popular.

Makeup Edit

The makeup style often seen worn with the style is a pale face with heavy blush under the eyes. The big eye effect, using contact lenses and makeup, is also popular, as well as brightly colored eye makeup. Bright red lips, small jewels around the eyes, as well as pearls or glitter, are often used as well.

Accessories Edit

Like with materials, accessories are many and detailed. Religious motifs or accessories are the most common factors in the style, specifically crosses. Flower crowns, teddy bears and other plushies, tattoo tights, and pop culture are also widely used. A few other themes exist as well, such as creepy cute (doll heads, braids of hair, etc.), and medical themes (syringes, pills, etc.).

Shoes Edit

Pastel shoes and platforms or rocking horse shoes are especially popular in the style. Shoes that feature ribbons or notable pieces on the ankles are a popular choice. Converse and other retro sneakers, as well as uwabaki, are all commonly worn.

Brands & ShopsEdit

Thrift shopping is popular due to the uniqueness of the style, however, there are a few popular brands:


Dark Cult Party Edit

External LinksEdit

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