Boystyle is a style considered the male counterpart to lolita fashion. Because it is often worn by lolitas, or to lolita meetups, it is considered by some to also be a substyle of lolita fashion. [1]

Style[edit | edit source]

There are many different styles of boystyle, but all draw heavily on historical fashion similar to lolita. Common themes are blouses underneath waistcoats, pants or shorts that stop just above or just below the knee, boots, and accessories such as top hats and neckties.

Dandy and Ouji[edit | edit source]

This version of boystyle aims to create the look of a "little prince." It emulates boys fashion from different historical periods, and often contains more ruffled and decorated blouses, big bows, and socks worn underneath knickerbockers. Block colors are most often used, with blacks and whites being the most common color schemes. However, browns may also be seen. [2]

Kodona[edit | edit source]

This style is similar to Dandy and Ouji, but is more extravagant. It includes more patterns, accessories, and a more childish look overall. Brighter colors, as well as blacks and whites, are all common in this style. [2]

Aristocrat[edit | edit source]

Aristocrat is also sometimes considered a version of boystyle in its more masculine forms, but also functions as its own style. [2]

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