Aristocrat is a sister style to lolita, featuring similar historical inspiration. The style is based around aristocratic fashions from the middle ages to the 1900s.

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Aristocrat is sometimes considered a substyle of lolita. However, the style has enough differences that it is more accurately considered a sister style.

Aristocrat fashion is loosely inspired by historical aristocrat fashion throughout the ages, but places a new modern and unique twist on its historical inspirations.

The feminine version of the style features long hemlines on its skirts and dresses. Layered and non-layered skirts are both prominently used. Waistcoats and jackers are common, alongside ruffled and collared blouses. Large hats, including top hats, are popular, as well as leather high-heeled boots, and brass button accents.

The masculine style is most similar to Victorian male fashions, with top hats, waistcoats, and breeches commonly used. Boots are once again popular in this style, as well as long, flowing coats.

Popular color schemes throughout the fashion are blacks and whites, however, some colors are used sparingly, such as purples and reds. The style does not feature prints like lolita and is almost always block colors.[1][2][3][4]

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