Angura Kei is a substyle of Visual Kei, but it has grown large enough to be considered its own style over the years. [1]

The style is very similar to traditional visual kei, with large hair, similar color schemes, and gothic themes. However, the style focuses on outfits inspired by traditional Japanese clothing.

Name Edit

The name angura comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "underground" (アンダーグランド). The name is meant to reflect the styles status as an "underground" or counter-cultural fashion style. [2]

History Edit

Angura kei has its roots in theater and music. In the 1960s, a theater movement was popular in which actors would wear the traditional white makeup of traditional Japanese storytellers. This white makeup style, and the traditional Japanese fashions, are partially what influenced this style, alongside visual kei. [3]

Ungerground music groups of the same name have also influenced this style, such as MUCC, Floppy, Guniw Tools, Metronome, and Nookicky. [4]

Style Basics Edit

Angura style has no hard and fast rules, however, there are a handful of common themes between those who wear the style.

Traditional Clothing Edit

Angura fashion must have some influence of traditional Japanese fashion within an outfit. Some wear actual yukata and kimono with angura accessories and hairstyles, and in a slightly more careless way. However, others will embellish their outfits, and wear more modern pieces. But each outfit will have some clear reference to traditional Japanese clothing.

Colors Edit

Color schemes in angura kei are mainly black, and other dark colors. However, other brighter colors can be used as well, such as jewel tones, as well as softer, pastel colors, like pink.

Makeup Edit

Angura makeup is similar to visual key. Dark and heavy makeup, especially around the eyes, is popular. Shironuri white face makeup is also popular in the style, although not necessarily required.

Hairstyles Edit

Angura has similar hairstyles to visual kei, with large, teased hair being popular. Unnatural colors, like red and blue, are also popular, alongside black hair. Those who wear the style may also wear a traditional hairstyle in an unnatural color, or teased, for a unique take on the style.

Accessories Edit

Chains and spikes are popular accessories in angura kei, as well as traditional Japanese accessories, like floral arrangements worn in the hair.

Shoes Edit

Shoes in angura kei will vary, but popular choices are black leather boots, often knee high and decorated with chains and straps, as well as shoes inspired by traditional Japanese clothing.

Brands & Shops Edit

Angura has no associated brands. Many who wear the style create and alter their own clothing to gain their own unique style.

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